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                                              George OrnboHomeArchiveContactGeorge OrnboUsing HashiCorp Vault with LDAP

      How to use HashiCorp Vault to setup an LDAP backed secret store with read-only access for users in groups and read-write access for specific users

      Linux and Unix xargs command tutorial with examples

      Tutorial on using xargs, a UNIX and Linux command for building and executing command lines from standard input. Examples of cutting by character, byte position, cutting based on delimiter and how to modify the output delimiter.

      Copy a file in Go

      How to copy a file in Go. The ioutil package does not offer a shorthand way of copying a file. Instead the os package should be used.

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      George Ornbo is a hacker, futurist, blogger and Dad based in Buckinghamshire, England.

      He is the author of Sams Teach Yourself Node.js in 24 Hours. He can be found in most of the usual places as shapeshed including Twitter and GitHub.


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